Underground Locating Services Melbourne

Know what’s underground before you start your digging or the alternative could be a very expensive bill.

Pipe and Cable Locating Services Across Melbourne, Victoria

Pipe & Cable Locating

We can detect underground utilities such as power, water & communications.

Cable Fault Detection

We can locate down to earth cable faults and pinpoint exactly where the fault it

Thermal Imaging Services

Thermal Imaging

We can detect faults in electrical systems and rotating equipment

I got my Covid-19 Vaccine

We are fully vaccinated against COVID-19

While we believe vaccinations should be a personal choice, we've decided to get fully vaccinated to protect ourselves and our customers from COVID-19. When we arrive at your worksite, we will take all public health precautions, such as mask-wearing and social distancing, and you can rest assured that our trades are fully vaccinated. We respect everyone's opinion on this issue.

Have peace of mind

Scantek Group is a Melbourne based company owned and operated by Steven McConnell which specialises in Underground Pipe and Cable Locating, Cable Fault Detection and Infrared Thermal Imaging.

We generally say we’re cheaper than a funeral because you don’t want to make the fatal mistake of digging up a vital electrical cable or bursting a gas pipe, so it’s safer to give us a call before you begin any digging project.

If you do have an upcoming excavating project, then you will need to have a dial before you dig plans on-site before you begin any earthworks. It’s an essential service when locating underground utilities and it’s something we can certainly help you with.

Our technicians will supply a report advising you of any or all underground utilities, pinpoint exactly where any cable faults are or provide you with thermal imaging report of any faults that are detected in electrical systems and rotating equipment.

With two decade of experience, Scantek Group is able to provide Melbourne customers with prompt and reliable service — saving you time and money in the process — whilst also giving you the peace-of-mind knowing you can safely execute your projects.


Pipe and Cable Locating

The key to any excavation project is knowing exactly what is underground before you start digging. Failure to identify any underground assets and the result can become very costly (in some cases even illegal).


Cable Fault Detection

Underground cable faults can present themselves as a minor inconvenience to private dwellings or a major — and expensive — problem to locate and rectify for commercial and industrial facilities.


Thermal Imaging

The detection of faults in electrical systems and rotating equipment can prevent costly damage and downtime for commercial and industrial customers and may also be a prerequisite requirement for insurance purposes.

Why Choose Scantek Group?

We use latest technology

Scantek Group utilises some of the best and latest state-of-the-art locating equipment and techniques for locating underground utility services including power, water and communications.

We can accurately pinpoint the spot

Our versatile, high-performance locators provide accurate detection and location of buried services. They use the latest digital signal processing to enable pipe tracing even in the most difficult of circumstances.

We're come fully insured

You can rest assured that when we arrive at your premises you're covered by our Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance so that you can have peace of mind knowing you're covered in any unlikely event of an injury or property damage.

We can work with all trades

We can seamlessly work with numerous trades including builders, electricians, civil contractors, fencing contractors, plumbers, surveyors, land scape designers, city councils, VicRoads and also the general public.

Emergency work available if required

We hope that you never have to call us for an emergency event, but in an unlikely situation we're able to drop everything and arrive at your premises to resolve your crisis moment. Extra fees may apply.

No find, No fee Guarantee

Scantek Group provides a 'no find, no fee' guarantee so that if we're unable to find a cable fault, we won't charge you. We back ourselves in our work and we want you to feel rest assured that we'll do our best to locate any problems.

Sent enquiry through on Sat and Steve called that same day, arranged time and called twice more to confirm and verify our needs. High satisfaction with the communication and level of professionalism offered. Highly recommend.
Steve from Scantek came around today to check our yard for gas and water pipes. He was friendly and most importantly thorough, I now feel confident to dig up our front garden. His quote was the best quote, especially as it was hard to find people who would do domestic jobs for a reasonable price.
Exceptional service & I'm so glad I had my services located on my 1 acre block as Scantek located my power to my shed was not where I thought it was. This would of been a disaster if I hadn’t located power before having construction work started. Highly recommended!
We had an urgent fault with a power cable and Steve had a quick response and located the fault and depth exactly.
Quick response, very knowledgeable and was able to locate everything required prior to excavating .
Quick, efficient and professional service that allowed us to find a fault! Thank you!
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