Pipe & Cable Locating

The key to any excavation project is knowing exactly what is underground before you start digging. Failure to identify any underground assets and the result can become very costly.

Common Underground Locating services

Dial-before-you-dig plans are a fundamental requirement for most worksites. Scantek Group operators are fully trained and accredited professionals that are able to execute your DBYD plans in a safe, proficient and accurate manner which will save you time — and money — in assessing any risks to underground assets before you start your excavation project.

Scantek Group uses world-class Underground Detection Locators from Radiodetection® for detecting pipes and cableswith high-precision and accurate reliability. Whatever is lying underground, we’re sure to find it so you can have peace-of-mind of knowing you’re safe to start digging.

Steve from Scantek came around today to check our yard for gas and water pipes. He was friendly and most importantly thorough, I now feel confident to dig up our front garden. His quote was the best quote, especially as it was hard to find people who would do domestic jobs for a reasonable price.