Thermal Imaging

The detection of faults in electrical systems and rotating equipment can prevent costly damage and downtime for commercial and industrial customers and may also be a prerequisite requirement for insurance purposes.

Common Infrared Camera Inspections & Thermal Imagery services

Scantek Group operators are trained by and certified with the Infraspection Institute and the provide written reports that meet the standard for infrared inspection of electrical systems and rotating equipment, as well as the standards, practices and specifications published by ASTM, NFPA and NETA.

Our Infrared Camera Inspections & Thermal Imagery services make use of an infrared camera to produce infrared ‘heat pictures’. These images may then be analysed to determine whether certain aspects of your electrical circuitry are overheated or anomalous.

By detecting electrical faults before they expand into a full-scale malfunction, thermal imaging testing is fast becoming a necessary component of electrical maintenance.

Exceptional service & I'm so glad I had my services located on my 1 acre block as Scantek located my power to my shed was not where I thought it was. This would of been a disaster if I hadn’t located power before having construction work started. Highly recommended!